German Discord-Bots also available!

Task Manager Bot

This Bot is perfect to manage tasks all across your Discord-Team. Groups can be created and tasks can be given to specific users or whole groups. Additionally we have developed an Android- & Web-App to see all your tasks.

Discord Wellbeing Bot

This Bot wants to help you life healthier. Today everybody uses the internet all time without knowing how much time spent on which task. This Bot shows gives you an overwiev of how you spend your time on Discord.


ServProtect protects your server from users with bad intentions. ServProtect will protect you, your server and your users from many types of negative influences. You can see all commands here.

Discord-Bots with passion

We are developing Discord-Bots with a wide range of features for over 2 years. We reached over 10000 users with our products and haven't reached our goal yet. With this user count and more than 200 users on our own Discord we are at the top of german Discord-Bot developers.

Who are we?

We are a small team of developers and moderators who manage everything. We are developing Software for multiple years and are very experienced in what we are doing.